Civic innovation panel considers Birmingham’s future

“It’s about building an ecosystem that enables people to thrive,” declared Anthony Hood. “It takes partnerships between universities, the corporate community, nonprofits and elected officials. That means cooperation and, in Birmingham, we’ve never seen the level of...

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10 Tech Conferences to Consider in 2019

More than 170 technology conferences are scheduled to take place in locations throughout the United States during 2019, with more expected to be announced. While some events are restricted by membership, area of concentration or industry type, many are designed to...

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Growing startup mixtroz finds new home in Birmingham

It was pure coincidence that the Rise of the Rest bus tour came the week of Mother’s Day. Even so, declares Kerry Schrader, winning a $100,000 investment for Mixtroz — the tech startup she co-founded with her daughter, Ashlee Ammons — in the pitch competition that...

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