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Growing startup mixtroz finds new home in Birmingham

It was pure coincidence that the Rise of the Rest bus tour came the week of Mother’s Day. Even so, declares Kerry Schrader, winning a $100,000 investment for Mixtroz — the tech startup she co-founded with her daughter, Ashlee Ammons — in the pitch competition that...

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Four founders share success strategies to sustain and grow

  It’s difficult enough getting a company started and nursing it through the initial stages of growth. But for many entrepreneurs, the real challenge comes in moving from startup to growth, putting in place the elements needed to sustain their ventures over the long...

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Bronze Valley concludes with Call to Action

  To conclude the inaugural Bronze Valley conference, Quentin Riggins, senior vice president of Alabama Power, charged attendees with an encouraging Call to Action. “I see Bronze Valley as a creation of opportunity regardless of age, color, gender. I was moved by this...

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Venture Capitalists weigh in at Bronze Valley

  Funding. How can entrepreneurs set themselves up for success in networking, pitching and gaining investors? Hank Torbert of Alta Max LLC led a conversation with Miller Girvin of the Alabama Capital Network and Kwame Anku of Black Angel Tech Fund at Bronze Valley...

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My origin story: entrepreneurs share how they got started

  During Bronze Valley’s morning session on Feb. 14, Jared Weinstein, general partner with Thrive Capital, led a conversation with local entrepreneurs focusing on how they got started and lessons learned. Entrepreneurs on the panel included: Cecilia Pearson, founder...

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