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Bronze Valley, a non-profit venture capital firm that creates opportunities for women and diverse entrepreneurs, has enhanced its brand to reflect the impact it is making in areas of the country overlooked by traditional venture capital.

“We seek to be agents of change to dismantle barriers and foster an inclusive landscape in venture capital that transcends race, gender, networks, and educational backgrounds,” said Neill S. Wright, CEO of Bronze Valley. “As we enter our sixth year of existence, the need to be a change agent is apparent now more than ever.”

The organization has experienced incredible of growth since its inception in 2018. With a portfolio of 38 companies which have created 524 jobs, and raised 69 million+ in follow-on capital as of April 2024; Bronze Valley continues to be a catalyst for change in venture capital. With this growth, the need to evolve the brand to became essential. 

The new look gives Bronze Valley a modern, fresh image that aligns with its mission of supporting underrepresented founders.

Diverse and women-owned businesses offer great economic opportunity yet face many challenges to getting the capital needed for growth. Bronze Valley seeks to create an education-to-opportunity-to-outcome pipeline for these communities that are underrepresented in technology entrepreneurship.

By focusing on underrepresented and undercapitalized areas in the country, Bronze Valley has tapped into a hidden gem that has the potential to generate massive growth for the US economy.


Nondiscrimination Notice: In accordance with federal laws and U.S. Department of the Treasury policy, Bronze Valley does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.

To file a complaint of discrimination, write to: U.S. Department of the Treasury Director, Office of Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity at 1500 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20220, call: (202) 622-1160 or email:

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