John O. Hudson III

Hudson is a licensed attorney who has been executive vice president and chief external and public affairs officer at Southern Company Gas since September 2018. He is also president of the company’s foundation, which focuses on philanthropic and volunteer initiatives. While in his prior role as senior vice president of marketing and business development at Alabama Power Company, Hudson was primarily responsible for the concept and founding of Bronze Valley — an outgrowth of his professional and personal commitment to innovation, diversity and entrepreneurship.

In 2015, Hudson was selected for the prestigious Aspen Institute Ascend Fellowship, which brings together an exclusive group of diverse leaders from across the United States to work on breakthrough ideas to build economic security, educational success and positive health and wellness outcomes for low-income families in America. In 2018, he participated in the Harvard Business School Young American Leaders Program, which convenes leaders from across the country who are working across sectors to help their communities prosper. He sees strong connections between those opportunities and his role with Bronze Valley.

“We can build a better future by creating and perpetuating a culture of innovation,” Hudson says. “Not just in Birmingham and Alabama, but throughout the Southeast, we have the momentum and the ingredients to succeed. Bronze Valley is building the collaborative infrastructure needed to support transformational growth and progress.”

Neill S. Wright

Wright is a co-founder of Bronze Valley and the organization’s executive director. He has more than 25 years of experience as an investor, entrepreneur and operating executive. In addition to working in the banking industry and founding several companies, Wright has been a consultant focused on advising and raising capital for growth companies in various industries, including seed and early-stage ventures. Immediately prior to assuming his role with Bronze Valley, he was chairman, CEO and principal shareholder of First Tuskegee Bank, shepherding it through a successful sale to a New Orleans-based regional bank.

“The exciting thing about Bronze Valley is that we are bringing innovation and ideas and thought together with capital, mentorship and a commitment to diversity,” says Wright. “We are creating change that will help improve the lives of not only individual entrepreneurs, but entire communities.”

Herschell Hamilton

Hamilton is the Chief Strategic Officer of BLOC Global Group. With offices in Birmingham and Washington, D.C., the company manages, develops and invests in complex, transformative real estate projects. BLOC also provides professional services to electric utility companies that are deploying Smart Grid and Smart City Infrastructure projects. In addition to his duties with BLOC, Hamilton is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Birmingham branch.

Hamilton brings to his role with Bronze Valley strong connections to Birmingham’s history of transformative change. His father supported the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham strategically and financially and was personal physician to numerous of Birmingham’s civil rights activists. With his wife, Majella, Hamilton also founded a nonprofit cultural center dedicated to promoting dialogue, understanding and greater community connection to Birmingham’s rich African-American history. His personal history, along with experience in finance, government, urban real estate development and civic engagement, gives Hamilton a unique perspective on opportunities and challenges relative to economic growth, particularly those that continue to impact people of color.

“One of the things you hear from time to time from investors who want to invest in diverse companies is that they don’t see a lot of them, that they don’t have access to them,” Hamilton notes. “Ten years from now, we want to look back and see that Bronze Valley identified those types of companies and see investors getting the return on their investments that indicates that we are fulfilling our mission.”

Houston Smith

Smith is vice president of governmental affairs at Alabama Power Company, with responsibility for all aspects of the company’s interactions with state government. Immediately prior to assuming his current role, he was director of corporate affairs for Alabama Power, with duties that included working with the state’s U.S. Senators and Congressional delegation, as well as industry and trade groups, to address issues affecting Alabama Power customers. Smith began his professional career as a lawyer with a large Birmingham firm, where he practiced in both the litigation and governmental relations sections and also served on the firm’s diversity committee — an experience that informs his work with Bronze Valley.

“The Bronze Valley initiative is creating the new economy, one that is more inclusive and stronger,” Smith says. “The ecosystem Bronze Valley is building will help identify and develop undervalued entrepreneurs who currently do not have direct access to the marketplace. We want to provide them a place to turn for the resources they need to thrive, whether that’s money, professional expertise, mentorship or just straightforward, candid advice.”

Brian Hamilton

Hamilton has been president and CEO of Trillion Communications Corporation since 2013, after joining the company in 2011 as president and COO. Headquartered in the Birmingham suburb of Bessemer, Trillion provides a range of services in the telecommunications marketplace, including procurement, warehousing, just-in-time inventory management and project management. Hamilton has been recognized twice in the Birmingham Business Journal’s listing of “Birmingham’s Most Influential Executives.” In 2018, he was appointed to the board of directors of the Birmingham branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

“The key to building a successful ecosystem and transforming lives,” Hamilton says, “is the presence of an innovative network of people — including creatives — who are vested in their community and intentional about growing diverse businesses.”

Bingham D. Edwards Jr.

In 2017, after practicing law for 18 years with a large Birmingham firm, Edwards launched his own startup law firm as the founder of E+Law. His background in assisting communities, companies and organizations working to attract new businesses, jobs and capital investment has helped E+Law develop a strong practice in counseling technology startups.

“Minorities and women are markets that have been, and remain, underserved by the investment community,” Edwards observes. “There’s a lot of entrepreneurial talent out there looking for channels to start a business and bring their ideas to fruition. It’s not just money — they need advice, guidance, opportunities to build networks that can help them grow and thrive.”