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3 ways early adopters help entrepreneurs

Early adopters are essential to the development and success of new products, providing entrepreneurs and companies with valuable feedback. Product developers are able to fine tune their technology and continue to enhance the product as it goes to market. Brook Battle,...

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10 tech conferences to attend in 2018

During 2018, approximately 150 technology conferences will take place in the United States. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, an executive in a tech-oriented business field, or just a tech fan, there’s a conference to suit your needs. Here are 10 to look...

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GLOW beauty app founder finds importance in staying local

For Yazmin Cavale, building a successful technology-based business requires more than just a good idea, an innovative product or service, or even access to adequate capital and resources. You have to meet a need, she says. You have to fill a niche or answer a question...

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